About Ellen Scott Grable and Her Internet Ramblings via her attempted Zen Life.

In an ongoing search to find out who I am and what I am supposed to be doing in life, I often share my journey.

I have been a career artist and continue to create. This isn’t about that…except when it is.

It is about transformation in our daily lives. I am on a journey to be the best version of me I can be. Is everything I do for the betterment of the planet or mankind? Probably not, but I am trying to live and do good.

I appear to some to lead an extravagant life. I assure you I don’t. I play polo at the San Diego Polo Club school because it is a great way to tame to the fear monster and an amazingly fun workout. Need a good a$$ kicking? Go play polo. My horse is a 25 year old polo pony given to me by the club to love and ride and hopefully be a better polo player when playing at the club. Yes horses are expensive but so is golf, alcohol, and motorcycles. Get my point? Find the thing you love and make it a priority.

I buy most of my clothes in thrift stores. Designer, quality items no longer needed by someone else for a fraction of the original tag.  Savings are now money for polo and pony. I buy quality used tack for my pony not fancy bling.

I grow a lot of my own non GMO organic food and eat low on the processed chain. Much cheaper than eating brand name food. I do enjoy a quality dining experience with friends and again that makes it special.

My walls need paint and my carpet would never pass the Martha Stewart test but I am happy and am okay with a less than perfect material life in exchange for a quality spiritual and adventurous life. I drive a nine year old car with “barn scratches” and carry a simple black leather backpack purse made in the USA. It holds everything including a spare book for waits and leaves my hands free.

My view may not be yours but maybe I’ll write something that makes you laugh or think or act on a dream you had once upon a time.



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