The minimalist freedom fighters

January 2, 2011 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Recently while discussing minimalist reading a friend threw out the phrase minimalist freedom fighters and I thought that really rings true. We are truly fighting for our freedom in terms of time, space and energy. How much time is spent trying to find things in messy drawers and behind the stack of unwanted gifts we feel guilty getting rid of and yet do not want? As a jeweler and stone cutter it is easy for me to justify owning all manner of parts and tools etc. I stick to a pretty routine type of materials so I should be able to downscale the parts clutter. Again bringing me back to freedom from finding space for them, maintaining them and shuffling them around when I’m looking for something I really use. So today I am cleaning out my storage closet in hopes of finding some items to toss in my upcoming garage sale. Outside of camping stuff or seasonal beach gear I see no reason to have a storage closet. It is just an excuse to store random items I am not ready or willing to part with.
I had a birdseye maple rolling pin, a 4 cup measuring cup, cowboy boots, a plastic bin with my son’s childhood stuff and a rolling suitcase as well as a big fiber optic snowman. A heavy winter coat I have no idea where it came from and a straw beach bag from St. Tropez. A bag of extra sheets, pillow and some beautiful homemade potholders too pretty to use. I also have a wooden 7up crate and an old tire pump. Pretty lame collection of things. So now I have put some stuff up on Craiglist and the rest will fall into my yardsale item pile. I am still far away from owning 100 things life Dave Bruno of the 100 Thing Challenge but, hopefully this year will have more of what I do want and less of what I don’t.


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