Simplicity and the Art of Frugality

December 28, 2011 at 10:09 pm (simple frugality) (, , , , , )

Another gorge fest aka Christmas has come and gone…what do you have to show for it?

1)An American Express bill heading your way with so many pages it has extra postage?

2) A pile of items for your next regifting opportunity?

3) 5 lbs around your waistline from eating dry cookies slathered in crisco based frosting?

4) A thank you letter from the non profit you supported instead of the local mall?

5) A sense of well being and happiness from a holiday spent relaxing?

Everybody who knows me knows I give gifts like fresh pomegranates off my organic tree, organic basil from my garden (yes in December) or a card from Habitat for Humanity sponsoring another project. I like it like this. My best friends took me out for a delightful dinner and my daughter sent culinary delights from New Orleans her home.  My brother bought a sheep for an African family and honey bees for another in Guatemala.

I am not surrounded by wrapping paper made with toxic chemicals and tossed casually in a land fill nor must I donate the singing bass (yes I received one for Christmas a few years back) all while hoping the giver never looks for on the living room walls.

I spent part of the holiday week at the pool, hiking in the canyons nearby and strolling the beach with my son’s dog. I never camped out overnight to save on a flat screen TV (I don’t own a television) nor did I use my credit card to buy things for people who don’t need them. I never jockeyed for parking at the mall or worried they would run out of purple left handed thingamajigs before I got one. I did help a friend get started organizing her life for the new year and visited another friend in the hospital. I had time to visit an elderly neighbor and get my tax papers ready for the IRS. Not all fun things I assure you but, satisfying none the less.

One evening I stayed up late and got caught up on all my mending and even restyled a favorite skirt I had been ready to donate. Repairing those items and sewing on buttons added a sweater, a winter coat, a skirt and a bikini top to my usable wardrobe. All in all time well spent.

I have to go now because it is 80 degrees out and I want to hit the pool before dinner. Live simply and live well.



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