Why Selling My Crap on Craigs has Simplified my Life

December 30, 2011 at 9:15 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Recently as I have continued my lifelong purge of excess I have taken to selling a few things on Craigslist rather than just donating it all. My reasons are twofold. First it allows me to take a specialty item and match it up with the next recipient for a bargain price. Secondly it has afforded me the luxury of a small stipend of excess cash to spend as I see fit. In my case that means an extra payment to the good folks at American Express. In my case that is what makes me happy as I have a summer 2012 goal of being debt free for the 3rd and hopefully lasting time in my life. My debt is related to emergency aid for a family member not my frivolous spending. I’m happy I was able to help and will be happy to be done paying it back with interest too. Soon…all in good time. I sold three jackets this month and made $85. Next up organize the tools into boxes and sell the triplicates. The garage looks like Katrina raged through there and left tools everywhere but where they ought to be. I also have enough office supplies to start my own Office Depot satellite store. I got rid of a dead electric mower and the military field desk I wanted to sell was swooped up by my daughter and hauled off all in a matter of seconds. I have a pair of depression glass tumblers I want to sell but can’t figure out the pattern name and everyone says they must be rare…so I wait and see. I still can’t seem to part with the pink suede boots I bought in France which are too small now (cankles) and yet remind me of what great times I had living outside Marseille. They are beautiful with heart cut outs and made in Italy. WHY can’t I let them go? I will take photos and post them tomorrow and put it in the hands of the gods. Which reminds me of the black leather jacket I found in Marseille outside a bar in the early morning after my boyfriend had kept telling me I needed a black leather jacket. It was very bizarre. No one around and this is the alley behind the bar. Nothing in the pockets and a missing button on a jacket that fit me perfectly. My son said the fates had sent me the jacket. Sadly it no longer fits and as a solid size ten I don’t see me getting into this six ever again. I tend to infuse clothing with stories of adventures had while wearing them and so they are like snapshots of my life. I am getting rid of the beanie embroidered Marseille as I never wear a beanie…any beanie. I gave my neighbor the pink cashmere sweatshirt I embroidered with flowers down the arm because she would appreciate the artwork and the warmth of the cashmere. She did. Why do I keep the French dictionary when I can check my French grammar on a translate program before posting? The same reason I keep the Spanish one I never use…travel in the future. I know I have far fewer possessions than most of my friends and peers and yet somehow I still feel plagued by too many which are not used or adored. So I will turn back to the task at hand and turn more stuff into freedom from my debt.


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