The Really Really Free Market

March 12, 2012 at 7:09 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , )

This weekend I participated in a free market in a local park. The event featured the wild concept that a free market could work. So my friend came to San Diego with a carload of clothing, handbags and books from her family. I had a modest trash bag size of clothes and household items and another grocery bag of canned food, oranges and lemons. I would guess fifty or so people were there at any given time with their wares lying out on sheets and blankets for the taking. I found a book of Native American Wisdom and my friend found a $60 book she had been wanting for some time. While we browsed other people’s offerings our many boxes and bags were sorted through and many happy people were trying on clothes and calling friends to tell them what they had found. I took one tee shirt and the book and beautiful silk neck tie for my son-in-law. The food was gone instantly and everyone appeared to be having a good time. One person brought a dining table and chairs and another a dresser and they were all taken quickly by people thrilled to get them.

I’m thinking now about the next Really Free Market in June and already starting to earmark items to take. We have far more kitchen items then I use in my daily cooking and I have other things in the garage that could use a new home. I would suggest starting one in your town in the public park and encourage anyone to come and give or take as needed. I plan on bringing more food next time and maybe even making food to share for lunch for the other participants.

So as I downscale I am enjoying the process of sharing of my excess with others who for economic reasons do not have enough and it puts ownership in perspective for me. I spoke with several people who said that when trying to keep food on the table and the power on they didn’t even have the few dollars for clothes for themselves or their children at thrift store prices so this was a great blessing. No one took greedily and people shared politely while looking through bags.

I came away feeling lighter and happier and looking forward to the next event in June in another park.


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