How I honor my Irish ancestors on St. Patricks

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Today is a funny day…a day when Americans of all stripes claim Irish and indulge in too much beer or whiskey, and eat corned beef and cabbage. I use the day to reflect on the simple lives of my Irish ancestors. Arriving early in the 1700’s my ancestor’s fought in the American Revolution and were wagoneers for the continental army. They used their land grant to make their way to the fertile Ohio valley where they settled and began farming. Today my cousins farm that same land. I have a post revolutionary quilt made by my great great great grandmother a Fergus depicting arrows and olive branches with an Eagle. The painstaking attention to detail and time spent making this beautiful quilt is something few could afford today in our busy “buy it at the mall” lives.

They would have been thankful to live an a country where they could express their views without criticism from the British throne. To be free to make a new life for their descendants such as myself. So it is with that spirit that I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…a day in which I know my ancestors suffered months on a ship to get here and worked hard their entire lives working the soil that I might be free from tyranny. I know it is my responsibility to use my voice as a citizen to see that we the people are free from the tyranny of government and corporate slavery.

So perhaps in the spirit of simple living you too might enjoy a simple day of reflection without green artificial dye in your brew and hormone filled factory green beef in pesticide cabbage and instead think of what we can do today to honor the Irish/American spirit of freedom from tyranny. I will go to a campaign luncheon for Mayor today and while there I will voice my concerns about our water supply here and the need for more community gardens. That is how I will honor my Irish forefathers and mothers.


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  1. Asta Lander said,

    I like that you are not silent about what matters to you Ellen. As you speak out you encourage us to do the same. A x

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