When I find a love greater than the one I have for myself I will marry again…

May 21, 2012 at 5:58 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

After a very long marriage, mostly happy and seven years of dating, love, lust and everything in between I realize my college buddy Brian was right…never say never.

I am at a place where I realize that a marriage to the right person is a possibility I never thought I would entertain again is a viable option. It was once suggested to me that maintaining two residences even in marriage would make it the ideal state…I thought that sounded like being tethered to not being single…without the benefits of either and the issues of both. I was hasty in my judgement of this concept. I see the real value in it as I love to move about on road trips without bringing along a lot. maybe relationships should be more like travel, less baggage more fun?

I have downscaled my physical belongings maybe it is time to downscale my emotional baggage again and be ready to move about the cabin of life more freely.

I frequently turn down men for first or second dates because they
A) Come across as needy
B) Come across as potential stalkers
C) Are unable to cherish therefore cannot be respected.
D) Are not looking for the same qualities in a lasting relationship as I am
E) all of the above

I have realized I am old fashioned; I want a man who will cherish my feelings, take care of me, appreciate my intelligence and protect me. A man that I can and will respect and give my love to…is that asking too much?

I have known one person who fit that bill but we let it burst into flames under pressure in a foreign language on the streets of a strange ancient city, so unless it is like a Phoenix ready to rise again, that ship has sailed! (Do we like my use of mixed metaphors?)

In the meantime I am happy making art, painting, working, sailing and taking online courses until my superhero arrives. : )


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