Is your Life a Craft Project or a Work of Art?

June 3, 2012 at 2:09 am (Letting go, LoVe, simple frugality) (, , , , , , , )

As I continually clean out my belongings in that never-ending quest for the perfect balance of items needed without excess I came across an art print I bought from a local young artist. He does paintings of robots in various activities. Mine is a car racing robot. I have decided it needs to be framed and hung next to my other art pieces by other artists.

I have had no problem getting rid of depressing er depression glass, and other tchochkes but it seems that as I do the art pieces move further forward and demand to be displayed. I have several drawings by an ex who is so talented I can’t believe I have not framed these earlier. So it seems I will be making a trip to my local art store for frames tomorrow. This is the interesting side effect of downscaling physical clutter, beloved items demand their space and attention from the box where they have been hiding in the back of a closet.

Artist self portrait

This was done shortly before I moved to France. He worked with Bic pens doubled up so as to make a long brush like drawing instrument. An amazing talent to watch the detail he can achieve with a 19 cent ball point pen! This second one is also a self portrait. Taking these out and looking at them reminded me of how extraordinarily talented he is and his art should be exhibited even if only in my bedroom… So I guess this is just another upside of decluttering my life…making room for those things which truly bring me joy each and every day.

I am also going through my many jewelry parts and letting go of those which I know in my heart I will not use and passing them on to another jewelry artist. In this same process I am rediscovering some in progress ear plugs I started in gem materials that I now have another reason to finish. Green and black Jade, Lapis and fire agate. I want to make a pair in Ethiopean chocolate opal. I think the rich deep color waves would make a very unusual plug. I also have some ear spikes I have in preform shape.  Gone are the tops from my college years (I only graduated in 2008) and the books I have read and will not pick up again. Gone are the candle holders from a famous mall retailer of “style” and In their place my collected artworks, tree seed pods which inspire my stone cutting and my lifetime collection of seashells. There is true beauty in my home again and that inspires me to continue on my quest for minimalism and meaning.

Artist self portrait

Taken from a photo of himself taken by me in his cottage.


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  1. Asta Lander said,

    Further encouragement to keep only what brings me joy or is useful. I love art and as I sort through my things I realise that it is something I need in my life (not in a ‘need can’t cope without it’ kind of way – but ‘need to enhance my life’ way). Asta

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