Really Really Free

June 14, 2012 at 4:45 am (Letting go, simple frugality, Travel) (, , , , , , , , , )

This past Sunday was the Really Really free Market in Normal Heights and grassy classrooms for information on the effects of nuclear fallout ie. Fukoshima as well as the well kept secret TPP trade agreement which would solidify trade between certain Pacific rim countries allowing easier trade and export of jobs and privatization of more common resources.

It was an interesting day to say the least! I rolled up in my little pick up truck brimming with goodies to give away. A walker with basket, a Pack n Play playpen, a wooden toolbox my dad made in the 1960s and enough clothes to open a small boutique! The latter courtesy of a friend who has redone her entire wardrobe in order to feel more in control of her life (more on that later). I had boxes of costume jewelry parts, books, toys, swimsuits and fancy high heels. As fast as I could unload the stuff onto the grass it disappeared. No worries about proper display here as there would be little to display by the time the truck was unloaded.

We packed a picnic with fresh picked fruit, avocado salad, crackers and cheeses which we shared with one of the speakers. I found several books I had been wanting to read again or for friends and baskets for my daughter to use at her organic produce stand in the farmer’s

The most interesting part of the event was the camaraderie of people sharing. One woman who picked up a lid for a pot gently mentioned to the man who was examining the pot that she really needed the pan and he smiled as he handed it to her. My friend spotted a full set of Velvet Underground CDs, CCR, THE Pixies and even A Lonely Island (DICK in a box song included)  CD. My friend got a cute gypsy skirt complete with mirrors on it in mint condition. She wore it out later that evening to a club and two women stopped her wondering where she bought it. She politely explained at the Really Really FREE market. No money or barter involved. Just free. This boggled their minds but they were eager for more information on such an event!

YOU can start one in your town or city very easily. Select a park and set up a Facebook account for the event and start inviting people to join in. The important thing to remember is that we all have things which we no longer need which could enrich someone else’s life without the need for wage slavery to get it. Would you work 40 plus hours a week at your job if you didn’t need to make ends meet? If you answered yes then bless you you are one of the few who truly loves their work. I love my art and yet I also love to travel, sail, garden and visit friends. These things require a modicum of free time while I am young enough to do them!

I am currently planning an extended trip overseas with a  friend which will require $$$$$ so I’d rather not spend any now if I can get something for free or used. I sold my laptop to my brother for the cost of a super size flash drive for all my files which I can use with my flash drive mini laptop. Lighter and easier to travel with. He is thrilled because he gets a laptop in good condition restored to factory settings for under $100! Win win as I had this laptop for almost five years. It actually came with Napster on the desktop! My new one runs  on Linux so I can use freeware and be out from under the corporate thumbs of both Apple and Microsoft. This all falls under the heading of sustainable resources, because every time we reuse something, pass it on or put it in play again we are preserving the earth’s precious and finite resources.

So here I am again further lightening the load for my journey through life. As I sort even the too many travel bags I see that the one given to me by my ex boyfriend (he got for x number of accident free days on the job) is perfect and the one I bought rarely gets used, and so it heads into the next give away pile. On a side note he gave me many useful things which I use often and they always remind me of him….sneaky devil!

So back to the downsizing and selling and giving away to fund my next adventure. I promise it won’t be boring!


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