Too Many of the Wrong Things

July 13, 2012 at 5:55 am (Letting go, simple frugality) (, , , , , , )

It occurs to me as I continue down the path of minimalism that the problem is too many of the wrong things in my life and not enough of the right stuff.

By right stuff I mean bras that fit, tools for the jobs I do and not boxes of tools for jobs I will never tackle myself. Shoes which fit my lifestyle versus my sex-goddess alter ego’s. So I have dropped off a box of purses, designer shoes and belts at the local consignment store. I also dropped a bulging bag and box at the thrift store of short tees, scratchy, un-breathable “travel wear” and more empty picture frames so ugly  wouldn’t even put a picture of someone I don’t care for it them….where did they come from? Mom perhaps?

I already have another pile for the consignment shop of bags and shoes that no longer fit my lifestyle. Someone else will be happy to get them at an affordable price.  I found an online donation place for old phones, cameras etc. where I choose who the donation money from the sale of my electronics goes. I like this idea. I placed an ad on Craigslist for a solid maple bed made in the USA and offered it for a very reasonable price. I have had people email me with ridiculous offers. I will donate the beautiful bed before I give it to someone who fails to see the value when it is already priced at %10 of what I paid.

I also have a little Hitchcock style black maple desk with stenciling also made in the USA I am going to list for sale. I used to use it but now it is too small for my desktop needs so I want to find it a good home.  I used to be so attached to fine furniture and antiques and now it all seems so silly when a dresser is a dresser as long as it does the job and looks reasonable I am happy.  I currently have an empty drawer in my china cabinet…I intend to keep it empty for a while…

Now if I could only get the garage cleaned out completely I would know what I have and don’t have …or need in the piles.

Oddly of all the things I have let go off I still have the gym bag from a favorite boyfriend and a butterfly Zippo he gave me and a dozen other items because he had the gift of giving useful…I really appreciate that trait in him, that and his generosity. So I hope that as others clean out their lives I will have given useful and beautiful items as well and that the owners cherish them…and if not the next lucky owner will.




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  1. Janelle said,

    There are those with a gift for giving. An auntie of mine was always able to come up with just the right thing. (It made me smile when you blamed the ugly picture frames on your mom.)

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