October 1, 2012 at 3:42 am (Letting go, Travel) (, , , , )

Dateline: September 2012
Where: Somewhere in the Nevada desert (Las Vegas strip)

Upon entering our uber modern newly renovated Motel 6 room we were taken aback by the sleek modern design of the room including 1940’s pressed wood chairs a formica table with a wall mounted plasma TV and round shelves for the towels all neatly rolled up.

Hotshowertime machine

A peak into the bathroom beyond the french doors and we had a circular shower with half curtain and we both immediately uttered Hot-shower-time-machine! We had found the elusive area 51 and it was right off the Vegas strip….a perfect hiding place. This shower reeked of other worldly experiences and I called dibs for first trip back to the 70’s. We both agreed it would be a tough trip because coming back would be analog and there is always the misplaced time machine issue or some other hindrance in the 70’s it was desert and probably a drop off location for ex-mob employees…if you know what I mean… So we decided to hit the strip real time and headed out the door into the present.


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