Pomegranate Fever

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It’s that time of year again and this year is my tree’s 35th year. I planted her accidentally back in November 1978 while eating a pomegranate off a neighbor’s tree. In the spring my dad ask me what the little tree coming up in the bushes was? Huh? Sure enough it was a pomegranate tree. Dad transplanted it to the hillside in our backyard. It is home to many species who share the fruit with me and my human friends.

When they are ripe i find I may gorge on them for days eating little else but pomegranates split wide open and ripe to sweetness. I have even traced poor relationship choices to my pom consumption! They are a natural vaso dilator and loaded with all kinds of health nuturing goodness. I attribute never succumbing to winter ills to my pom intake during the early flu and cold season.

Sorry…I walked away from my post to go in the kitchen and properly seeded the whole thing instead of picking away like hardened corn kernels with delicate flesh. Now I have half a bowl of pure crimson energy, flavor, life giving, pomegranate. Are some of the gals looking at me funny as I quickly work my way through the grapefruit sized pom without so much as a drop of blood red juice lost. I have done this many many times before my friends. I offer my cancer and disease preventors around but mostly people pass on this nectar of the immortals. More for me…

I share my poms freely…there are many other pom eaters like myself who value their mystical healthy properties. Those who know a split wide ripe pomegranate is a blessing and a gift from eternity. She has been featured in a local Home and Garden magazine in the flower of Spring and the full fruit of fall. It has not spoiled her for the attention.  I give thanks for each and every one in each and every harvest. I now have seedling growing from my seeds and a small clone tree of the original. The trees are a responsibility to sow and share as well. ❤

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If I were a Gemstone which would I be?

November 21, 2012 at 9:34 pm (Art, Freedom, gemstones and Jewels, Letting go)

I have given this a lot of thought over the years as I believe that our favorite gems are not just about color or price per carat but rather a reflection of our own gem like qualities. That being said I have narrowed it down a bit.

Hyacinth yellow sapphire: This is a gem that shines like the summer sun and a January bloom all at once. At surface glance it appears somewhat like Citrine or yellow quartz. Sapphire is much harder (9 on the Mohs scale) and is much less heat sensitive. So that it does don’t crack under the torch unlike Citrine. It is also much more durable and is able take being knocked around daily resistant to damage. Citrine (7 on Mohs scale) can break and chip when bandied about on a hand. I too am often underestimated and prove tougher and shinier than originally assumed.

Pink tourmaline: This beautiful bubble gum variety of tourmaline is fun and bright as well as piezoelectric and pyroelectric!  That means the stone becomes electronically charged either by heat or pressure. This has to do with the gems distorted crystallography. I tend to get busy under pressure or a fire under my feet!  The last dowager empress of China loved pink tourmaline so much that the beautiful bi color gems of our local San Diego County mines were snapped in half for the pink side only!


Natural pearl: A natural pearl is an accident of beautiful consequences. The lesson for me is that an irritant can be the start of a beautiful new direction in life.  The tears associated with the irritant become a lovely pearly coating creating one of the few gems which is not formed of fire and earth but rather waves, water and sand. When Columbus set out for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand bringing back Pearls was a top priority. Columbus did not disappointing them returning with baskets of seed pearls from rivers, tributaries and the sea.


Handmade Bronze medal on black freshwater pearls and 14k

So I think I may have to make a piece which employs all of these gems who speak to me so lovingly.

What gems would you be?







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Fashion as Revolution

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Fashion is often dismissed as part of a lifestyle which is offensive to those who toil in sweatshops and cannot afford those very items they create.

I propose a different vision. Fashion is at the basis of our daily communication with our world professionally and personally. By creating and manufacturing, distributing and selling all within a region realigns our economy to our lifestyles and wages. I’m suggesting something as basic as a local sustainable economy reflective of the needs of San Diegans.

The flip side of this coin is developing the top end resale business. A perfect compliment to buying locally manufactured clothes, jewelry, food etc. is the upcycle and reuse of those outside elements already in our midst.  Those Dior pumps from 1992 look amazing with Stacie May’s Gatsby inspired modern take on the Afternoon cocktail dress. The 1960’s Cini of Newport beach California sterling jewelry lavalieres are a divine accessory for so many Southern California moods and events.

Part of my lifestyle is recognizing that I need to add more whole foods and organic into my life as I transition to less meat and more raw fruits and vegetable. I feel so good when I eat macrobiotic, locally grown organic food. I am energized after eating versus wanting to take a nap. One restaurant near me that offers only wholesome choices is Casa De Luz in North Park offering fresh, local organic cuisine. Everything I have tried is so flavorful, clean and fresh I am constantly delighted by their innovative combinations. I am restored to see this as a growing food movement in contradiction to corporate farming and GMO spread as local fashion is to the sweat shops and corporate management of cheap, poorly made fashion.

The argument designed to confuse is that all this localization costs more. It does not as it fits an equilibrium which we must strive for. I don’t need six cheap tops I need versatile quality and I can do that with local made and consignment and thrift stores to find quality vintage finds…often once made in America.

Soyez le change….I am the change in my consumer choices.

Local fashion talent

Paul Rico interprets the little black dress for San Diego’s women.

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Today’s Word is Gratitude

November 19, 2012 at 8:42 pm (Letting go, LoVe, Relationships, Sailing, Uncategorized) (, , , , )

In a fast moving techno saturated world I can easily become distracted from the obvious…my health, a beautiful tree or flower and the love of my friends and families. Lest you think I live in harmony I assure I live far from a perfect existence…but then again that isn’t the point is it? The point is to be present for all of it. Less judgement more understanding and pure enjoyment.

I live in a temperate paradise next to the Big Blue Pacific. I am thankful this and everyday for the live giving ocean, the gentle winds and the warm sun on my back and the food in my organic garden. The wind and sea conspire to race me while sailing on a recent afternoon. A friend ask when is sailing season over in San Diego? I replied never. Sailing really gets fun in the winter just like surfing.  

So I am thankful for my beautiful city and the characters it holds including the guy who wasn’t looking and ran his overfull warehouse store cart into traffic and almost into my car…he clearly by his words was not having a an awesome Monday. I am grateful he was able to remind me how fortunate I am in my little corner of the world. I am grateful for my wonderful friends and co creatives at Hera Hub Mission Valley. Without whom I would not be in one of the most productive times in my life. A place to go and be in a wonderful group of supportive entrepreneurs is a gift indeed.

I share a house with my young adult son, two dogs and my elderly parents who sadly often forget their many blessings. I hope they remember to give thanks on Thursday when they dine with my brother for all his help in keeping them safe and independent at home with us. My son is a strong physical and mental presence for us all and I feel fortunate to have him there to help them as well. So you see we have a good thing  that can be awkward, crowded, tense and delightful (all in the same day often) and we have each other and that is the point.

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Fuzzygram App on my Crapberry phone.

November 16, 2012 at 8:39 pm (Art, Letting go, Travel) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Yeah that’s right the lastest and greatest app for photos is Fuzzygram and it comes free with every CrapBerry phone sold…er em… Blackberry.

I give as examples

C'est moi

Example of the picture quality of the CrapBerry phone in Fuzzygram app


I took both of these photos using the new “Fuzzygram” app from CrapBerry er Blackberry. This app is installed as …well your only photo option. Are you always impressed with the quality of photos your ICult phone owning friends have? Well no worries here…you’ll get none of that pesky crisp quality they get when snapping off the cuff moments in there totally I-awesome lives. In fact with the Fuzzygram app your middle age friends will be amazed at the cheesecloth lens like obscuring of wrinkles, lines, features and more!  The one photo is the garden behind the Whaley house in Old Town. I’m sitting under the hanging staging area back when San Diego was a young and soon to be metropolis.

The other Fuzzygram is me inside my friend’s pool house studio. I was overseeing it’s minor remodel and wanted to show him I was hard at work…as if. Again you will notice that I belay my years in terms of soft edges and fuzzy complexion.  So maybe for portraits minus any recognition detail will make us all look good this winter in photos with loved ones and Facebook profiles.

I’d stay and chat some more but my green tea is nearly gone and it is time to get to the dock to get out sailing on this beautiful day.

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In Other News…Two Cali Women Plan on Winter in India

November 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm (Letting go, Relationships, Sailing, simple frugality, Travel) (, , , , , , , , )

So I am planning a trip to Mumbai this winter in time for Holi day with my friends. This means cutting expenses (I have added two new ones this past month) and paring my belongings further and looking at things with a different yet inexperienced eye. I have a dear friend who lives in Mumbai and we also want to go to Goa to relax on the beaches and do some sailing. My bff is coming along and she is slaving away in her cubicle until then to raise the necessary funds.


By slaving away in a cubicle I mean working for peasant wages for the proverbial rich uncle. I am sure he is a lovely man outside the office but inside he is a man bent on success to the point he is blinded by his own folly in chastising employees and family alike. Many divides exist in this Dante’s office scenario. We will release our heroine from her chains and allow her spirit to grow as we travel to India and beyond.

I am my own master, and by that I mean I am indentured to my elderly parents as there life supervisors as it were. Meal planner, cook and asset manager. I still have my own art to create and show as well as easing my young adult son further into manhood and adult life. I will asign various tasks to various talented folks to handle things while I am gone. They will do a fine job without me of that I am sure.

The beautiful thing here is we are both single and not encumbered by that most delicious of dishes, the human male. We are both huge fans of the species but know that often we must trek alone to learn our life lessons. We are along in different age ranges. She is the age of my daughter and yet as my friend (and their’s) does not come with a family history related to mine…sometimes a good thing.

I have a zillion Skymiles and so I will go that route to India and have saved some cash over the summer (when I wasn’t busy spending it) for expenses in India. We both love to sail boats and plan on doing so there as well. We also hope to rent or buy bicycles to ride around the beach towns but will use taxis in Mumbai for safety reasons! This trip is about new perspectives, new weather, new food, new cultures and all the wonder that is foreign travel.

Any random reader stumbling across my cyber-thoughts who has experience in the travels in India would be a welcome response.


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Once Upon a Time in San Diego…

November 5, 2012 at 8:44 pm (Art, Letting go, Relationships)

There lived a group of intelligent, entrepreneurs, who also happened to be beautiful women. Their beauty was the type which runs deep and is seen by the wise and loving. They met in a forest called Hera Hub Mission Valley. Each had her own magic and worked at being better with her muse while helping others with their’s.

One day, one beautiful November day when the sun was shining some of them met in their magical place and decided to write stories…stories which would transform themselves and their readers. In a good way. They offered insights into many facets of life as they revealed their own unique stories and perspectives.  The wind blew from the sea all along the forested river which ran alongside their magical tree-house. This day it blew in with the muses…the trees danced, the river gently wound along along the riparian banks and the butterflies came, attracted to the momentum of the creative  forces.

These women knew something, they knew that each one of them was a powerful force for good in the world…a world in need of more good.  A place where information flew freely and easily for all to capture and decipher. Life is a wonderful servant but a a demanding master and the sooner we learn to be our own architects the more we can do for all mankind, beginning with ourselves.

There was a crackle in the air as they began to type their stories, advice, biographies and more. The silence was deafening as the women wrote and pondered and lingered on content and grammar.

They agreed to meet again and allow the words to flow freely from them and to bring their muse along.

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