Once Upon a Time in San Diego…

November 5, 2012 at 8:44 pm (Art, Letting go, Relationships)

There lived a group of intelligent, entrepreneurs, who also happened to be beautiful women. Their beauty was the type which runs deep and is seen by the wise and loving. They met in a forest called Hera Hub Mission Valley. Each had her own magic and worked at being better with her muse while helping others with their’s.

One day, one beautiful November day when the sun was shining some of them met in their magical place and decided to write stories…stories which would transform themselves and their readers. In a good way. They offered insights into many facets of life as they revealed their own unique stories and perspectives.  The wind blew from the sea all along the forested river which ran alongside their magical tree-house. This day it blew in with the muses…the trees danced, the river gently wound along along the riparian banks and the butterflies came, attracted to the momentum of the creative  forces.

These women knew something, they knew that each one of them was a powerful force for good in the world…a world in need of more good.  A place where information flew freely and easily for all to capture and decipher. Life is a wonderful servant but a a demanding master and the sooner we learn to be our own architects the more we can do for all mankind, beginning with ourselves.

There was a crackle in the air as they began to type their stories, advice, biographies and more. The silence was deafening as the women wrote and pondered and lingered on content and grammar.

They agreed to meet again and allow the words to flow freely from them and to bring their muse along.


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