If I were a Gemstone which would I be?

November 21, 2012 at 9:34 pm (Art, Freedom, gemstones and Jewels, Letting go)

I have given this a lot of thought over the years as I believe that our favorite gems are not just about color or price per carat but rather a reflection of our own gem like qualities. That being said I have narrowed it down a bit.

Hyacinth yellow sapphire: This is a gem that shines like the summer sun and a January bloom all at once. At surface glance it appears somewhat like Citrine or yellow quartz. Sapphire is much harder (9 on the Mohs scale) and is much less heat sensitive. So that it does don’t crack under the torch unlike Citrine. It is also much more durable and is able take being knocked around daily resistant to damage. Citrine (7 on Mohs scale) can break and chip when bandied about on a hand. I too am often underestimated and prove tougher and shinier than originally assumed.

Pink tourmaline: This beautiful bubble gum variety of tourmaline is fun and bright as well as piezoelectric and pyroelectric!  That means the stone becomes electronically charged either by heat or pressure. This has to do with the gems distorted crystallography. I tend to get busy under pressure or a fire under my feet!  The last dowager empress of China loved pink tourmaline so much that the beautiful bi color gems of our local San Diego County mines were snapped in half for the pink side only!


Natural pearl: A natural pearl is an accident of beautiful consequences. The lesson for me is that an irritant can be the start of a beautiful new direction in life.  The tears associated with the irritant become a lovely pearly coating creating one of the few gems which is not formed of fire and earth but rather waves, water and sand. When Columbus set out for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand bringing back Pearls was a top priority. Columbus did not disappointing them returning with baskets of seed pearls from rivers, tributaries and the sea.


Handmade Bronze medal on black freshwater pearls and 14k

So I think I may have to make a piece which employs all of these gems who speak to me so lovingly.

What gems would you be?








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