How to Make Your Art a Star and live quietly in the background.

December 1, 2012 at 6:33 pm (Art, Freedom, gemstones and Jewels, LoVe, Relationships) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Once upon a time there lived a talented young woman and her husband and baby. They lived in a beach neighborhood and so she kept her successes and creations from her neighbors to protect her family from possible burglary. Everyone thought she worked in an office somewhere part time and was busy as a homemaker at home. She was busy…amking jewelry, soldering chain and sheet silver and setting bezels around stones and wrapping wire and knotting pearls…for herself for stores, for other designers. Anyone willing to pay her to make their jewelry so she could be with their young daughter.

Her work ended up around the necks of President’s wives and movie stars and few had ever heard of her by name but they knew they look of mixed gems and pearls breaking the classical rules. She taught herself many techniques and took classes when the budget allowed. Soon some of the retailers were carrying her lines alongside theirs which she had manufactured and often assisted in designing. Throughout the years she worked for various companies in a wide range of the jewelry trade by day and plied her wares by night and weekend while her husband took the lines to market. One day she would leave the day jobs completely and take her knowledge with her to create all her own jewels.

That day came and one after another more opportunities came from high end retailers and she was producing along with local talent her signature looks. Often retailers would market the look under their store brand but she didn’t mind the checks were coming in and feeding her family of five now. Success looks different to everyone and this was her success.

Continued next time…


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