Why Would Anyone Read What I Write?

January 7, 2013 at 9:41 pm (Eating Nature, Freedom, Health, Letting go) (, , , , , , , )

Seriously, I ask myself as I write my life stories of this and that why would anyone take Ten minutes to read my drivel?

So I thought about it and here is what I came up with?  My story might help someone else figure out a solution to a problem by reading how ridiculously I handled mine. Inspire you to dig deeper for a cure not symptom control. So here it is…

ashlie 255

Let us begin…

Last year I gained an unseemly amount of weight for no reason other than I felt hungry all the time and craved baguettes and butter and chocolate ice cream, and cheese in all forms…now before you think the obvious that yes, eating all that would make me gain weight, keep in mind I was going to the gym and trying to be aware of all my food choices as well as portion control. It just didn’t matter I was packing on pounds faster than a fat man at the county fair!  Then another oddity occurred. I was now suffering frequent asthma attacks.  In the photo last spring I was at my tubbiest and wondering why I was so lethargic each morning even though I was active. I am sailing a catamaran in the photo. Instead of Popeye I was feeling like Wimpy his chubby sidekick.

Then I had an attack while at the gym. I was on the stair master and went into anaphylaxis! I was breaking out into hives all over my face was swelling and my breathing became labored. I made my way back to my locker and thought to myself “hell no I’m not going to drop dead at the gym”! I chewed up several Benedryl and used my inhaler more times than recommended no doubt and began to feel better. I began to meditate and put a cold cloth on my face. Once well enough to go home I did. This happened again two weeks later and by now I was carrying a bottle of Benedryl on me as I had hives in the past and knew it was an emergency backup. This time my entire body broke out and my eyes were swelling…again I took the Benedryl and used my inhaler and was able to return home. My physician refilled my inhaler and prescribed an Epi-pen. I wasn’t sure how much better having the pen made me feel especially after emptying my wallet to pay for it! My doctor has been my doctor off and on since I was twelve and is familiar with my years of asthma alternating years of exceptional health.

I started researching causes for anaphylaxis and cures and why was my body treating my fitness as a threat? I have had allergies off and on most of my life with breaks from symptoms lasting a decade or longer. Except for the inhaler I had no prescriptions and I don’t believe in aspirin or other painkillers. I don’t take over the counter meds of any kind with Benedryl being the exception. Maybe it was food? Should I spend thousands of dollars on tests or should I break down my food habits one by one and find the culprit myself? I decided I would be the investigator…it took time and paying a lot of attention to what I stuffed in my pie hole!

I began detoxing through far infrared sauna, ionic foot bath and chanal 2 treatments as well as aloe vera juice shots and had immediate relief from ongoing symptoms as I changed my diet and streamlined my food choices to mostly living and organic. No processed food, no sugars (I use a light amount of honey or blue agave in my tea) and no coffee. I miss none of it. The dairy removal along with the wheat has caused the most dramatic shift for me in feeling my strength return. I ate some delicious brie recently and woke up a little wheezy…Not worth it to me. Once you have had your life flash before you, not once but twice the choice becomes obvious. I choose abundant health.

Fast forward through months of eating some things and not eating others and moving toward a 80%vegan diet and 20% paleo which is non gluten and no wheat or grains except Quinoa and I am symptom free. I still eat some wild fish and organic meats without having a reaction. I started back at the gym just over a week ago and I have discovered my strength is returning very quickly. I will soon be at the fitness level I was at 5 years ago. I wake up refreshed and ready to greet the day’s challenges. I once again look forward to the gym and the strength and toning it rewards me with. I am still heavier than my ideal weight but I am sure than within a short time I will happily embrace an even healthier balanced body weight.  548705_568211259871294_1058977763_n (2)

I changed my diet and saved my life…


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