Raw Vegan Days and Dark, Organic, Fairtrade Chocolate and Blackberry Treats

January 18, 2013 at 7:45 pm (Eating Nature, Freedom, Health, Letting go, LoVe) (, , , , , )

So as I fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of food truth and the aging process I see all food so differently. I am in love with fresh organic real live food again…

Yesterday I dropped by a farmer’s market on my way home from a deep breathing 20 minutes on the tidepools on a gorgeous So Cali day. I was really hungry as my blueberry, hemp, blue green algae and organic naner smoothie was wearing off. I bought some red heirloom org carrots and quickly scarfed one down…woe to any rabbit who tried to take it from me. Then I found the purveyor of all org sprouts of bean and seed and grassy kinds. I grabbed a fistful of pea sprouts and dropped them on the scale. I replied no bag I’m eating them now. I handed over my $1 and enjoyed the delicious green light crunchy flavor of these baby pea sprouts. I felt their energy convert to mine and I gave thanks to all involved. Next stop org arugula to wrap around the carrots.

Ah “The Bitchin’ Sauce” lady was there. I bought a container of lemon almond and headed back to the sprouts. I grabbed a bigger wad of pea sprouts and proclaimed I would be eating these as well bu this time with the magical “Bitchin Sauce” he gave a nod of hearty approval. I felt so satisfied after that…I had even taken a stroll down the aisle where the food trucks are…The smells were nothing compared to the fresh snap of raw living from the ground. Does this mean I will never eat a ripe small farm brie again? I doubt it…but the next cheese I eat will be small batch and very high quality. Less is more, and yet the satisfaction level of a high quality treat allows us a purer enjoyment without guilt. I hope once I am detoxed that in time I can have a fresh hot baguette for my petit dejeuner next time I’m in France with some org butter. Everything in correct amounts.

When I read the Woody Harrelson would not eat the Twinkies in Zombieland I understood and just another reason to give Woody the mad props!  He is a hero of mine for many reasons.

So on that note my favorite new movie theater treat is fresh org blackberries eaten with a high quality org, FT chocolate. heaven…

I haven’t included pictures of myself on this health seeking strengthening journey because I just haven’t taken any lately…I will. Should I tag myself in my photos so no one mistakes me for a younger version of me? haha just a little detox humor…and a lovely side effect of nurturing one’s temple with food which gives life.

Namaste and may all your meals enrich you body, mind and spirit.


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