Why Does My Dog Always Know Something is Wrong Before I Do?

January 28, 2013 at 8:59 pm (Health, Letting go, LoVe) (, , , )

So recently Munchie has insisted on sleeping with me and is very courteous…now if you know Munchie you know he is a 100 lbs of Olde love but courteous mmm not so much.  He has improved his manners around the wild and woolly Miss Daisy. Munchie has not pushed me off my bed, dug his dreaming running paws into my back at 4am or otherwise given me flashbacks of sleeping with an ex!

get-attachment (1)Happiness is in fact a warm puppy.  I know when Munchie is there no one is going to try and break into my house or my room and I won’t feel the chilly breeze from my partially open window. He will have my back as I sleep.

munchie and daisyDoes he snore you ask? Oh yes he does, in fact I was dreaming a distant car was backfiring when I awoke and realized it was Munchie! Naturally his noise machine is facing my ears dans la nuit! It is still better than waking up to Daisy running around dragging a fire agate across the antique Afghani carpet she has recently wrestled with and won,dragged across the floor. Miss Daisy has eaten my Leather luggage tag, the lid on a box of displays under the bed and carved her immortality into my Victorian chair. Baddddd dogge with the carving tool teeth! Alas she is but a baby.

So back to Munchie…I digress…Munchie has really been everything that makes dogs our best friends. He is loyal and caring and pitches in when and how he can and that makes him a dogge hero. He is almost three and it has been an interesting journey from pupster Munch.

imagejpeg_2 (12)

photo (4) So it is back to work and on with the day. I have a list of things to do as big and chewy as that bone in Munchie’s mouth. One bite at a time…


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