Red Carpet Academy for non Celebrities

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I had the pleasure of attending the first Red Carpet Academy seminar put on by the accomplished Anita Miranda of Media Pro in San Diego and Phoenix at Hera Hub Sorrento Mesa location.

Red Carpet AcademyThis event is designed is teach the lay person how to be prepared when faced with a media event. Your event may be a corporate seminar, family or class reunion or an actual bring the local media event. I am often at art events, in store trunk shows and other events which may involve public speaking and photo opportunities and I know I have not always been pleased with the photos of myself after the fact.  I also am a very off the cuff speaker and have the knack of thinking on my feet but ask me to repeat that on camera and suddenly I am Bambi in the headlights of an oncoming 18 wheeler.

Red carpet Academy from Media Pro.

This is where The Red Carpet Academy came in to play. I arrived along with the other participants at 8:30 am on a Saturday with two outfits in tow, three pairs of shoes and naturally my Ellen Scott Grable  jewelry collection to select from. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect but I am one to jump in and figured whatever I learned would add to my on camera confidence. Miranda brought in speakers who were entertaining, informative and easy to relate with as they were entrepreneurs too. Often as an artist, business luncheons and networking events really don’t resonate with me as I have my own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

CAM00254This photograph of Myself and Laurie Itkin, The Options Lady was taken after being given tips on makeup (It was done for us while describing why each thing was done), hair and selecting from the clothes we brought using those colors that would add that je ne sais quoi to our photos. Keep in some of us (read me) came in looking like we just rolled out of bed on a Saturday morning with little direction and others looked like they had been born styled! Miranda made sure everyone was styled to show off their best assets.

Laurie is a redhead and dresses conservatively with an eye for detail in quality fashion making her look impeccable every time I see her. I am a mixed color previously dark brunette who loves fashion and yet has a little preppy side so I may wear my J. crew with vintage ripped Levis or a silk skirt. As a jewelry artist I love color and like to think in terms of contrasting jewelry colors and whether or not my wardrobe is jewelry compatible. This event taught us how to maximize our strengths and practice on overcoming our weaknesses. SUCCESS!

Felena Hansen founder of Hera Hub office space for women also inspired us as she always does. She talked about why she needs to show her best side whenever possible in interviews and why it is okay to ask for the same when doing an on camera interview. She talked about gaining confidence to promote ourselves is a healthy and constructive way.

Hera Hub

I learned a great dea,l made new friends and connections. I had such an inspiring time I would recommend the Red Carpet Academy to anyone wanting to polish their public appearance skills and learn when to use a professional photographer Natalia Robert Photographer, or even a video pro for your web site Video Pro. There were many more coaches, professional broadcasters and media professionals on hand to assist and advise.

A Saturday well spent!


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