Idiocracy and the Decline of Western Civilization

March 4, 2013 at 8:33 pm (The decline of Civilization) (, , , , , , , )

Yesterday I had one of those days that made me feel as if I were in the deleted scenes of the movie Idiocracy.

So now that you have had a taste let me enlighten you regarding my day…

It all began when I was showing an apartment for a friend and had brought along my 100 lb Olde English Bull Dogge Munchie.

Munchie waited quietly in the shade of the tree next to where I was parked. I said goodbye to the nice people and the truck would not start. Hmmm had this problem a couple of times before possibly the starter. A well meaning aquaintance had just texted me wanting to know what I was up to today? I told her my woes and she immediately text back she would come get me and Munchie. I text her the exact address and short concise directions.

Another text a bit later and she announced she was almost here! I thought hey this is good Munchie we can go home and come back later and try it again with my son. She next text that I was not where I said I would be and she was driving all over looking for me. I sent another short message after attempting to phone her but no answer, and let her know where she went wrong and the simplest way to where I was from where she was. I should probably interject here I grew up in this area and am very familiar with the streets. More time goes by and again I try to call her and she does not pick up. She texts me again that now she has to go pick up her son and has no more time to waste gas looking for me. I have not moved from the truck with a patient but dehydrated Munchie.

Please watch another clip so you are truly on the page in the moment with me. So I begin calling my brother who is my alternate care person for our elderly parents. No answer there either. I text please call. No response. I call again…no answer and it is almost noon.

One more text from the “helpful acquaintance” telling me I need to come to her (walk 4 blocks and then cross the 6 lanes of 5o mph traffic to get to where she is where there is no light or crosswalk) I declined. I called my auto insurance for a tow truck.  She then angrily text me “your welcome for coming to get you!” I didn’t know whether I was more concerned about her misplaced anger or her inability to find us( using the very simple turn right here and then right again on the first street directions I gave), or her blatant misuse of the word your for you’re?

Now an hour later and the tow truck driver arrives. Munchie is still patiently waiting in the rear seat of the truck after getting some hose water while I explain to the driver I think we can jump the truck since this is an intermittent issue. Munchie is not growling, barking or otherwise making his presence known. he is being a model canine. Before the driver even attempts to try to start the truck he tells me that in no uncertain terms Munchie cannot ride in the tow truck with us. I said we probably won’t be towing and besides how will he get the two miles home? He says “I dunno but no dogs are ever ‘llowed in the tow truck.” I said well Icould certainly understand if one was growling or barking or gave you reason to pause but that clearly is not our situation here. He reiterates “NO DOGS EVER” to which I respond “what about service dogs?” You have to allow them and he says nope.

Thankfully we get the truck started and Munchie and I speed away from the idiocracy of the moment…only to be confronted by it again. I am told that I should not assume high school graduates know how to read or posses a modicum of reading comprehension and I should be more compassionate with the stupid…my bad.


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