A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Hera Hub Writer’s Lounge

April 8, 2013 at 10:40 pm (Art, organized simplicity, Travel) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Last Monday due to the three ring circus which is my life I was not able to attend the Writer’s Lounge where I am able to carve out time to write blogs, rants, emails etc. The Lounge is hosted by professional writers many of whom specialize in web content, ghost writing and even technical writers. The offer their wisdom and perspective on an as needed basis.  So the funny thing was I got waylayed…

So because I was not able to clone myself and attend I missed out writing a blog and attending to several other writing needs which I have come to handle each Monday. It wasn’t until I missed it I realized how valuable this time has become for me.

I have been working on doing short videos for practice and I would gladly share one of my more ridiculous moments were it not for the fact I am still on a free WordPress account. That will change very shortly. Munchie the Olde English Bulldogge can hardly wait to stream to you!


Which brings me to my next topic which is Videomasters another group I belong to which is full of anyone but a master videographer! We all share a desire to become more proficient at video blogs, interviews, You Tube posts etc. We have a private Facebook page and the requirements for membership include posting weekly in video. I can truly say I am getting reasonably good at off the cuff interviews and talks but scripted videos are not for me. I come across too staged and that lacks authenticity and the energy of a certain spontaneity for which I am known. I was thinking on my feet before I could walk!

5135001-R1-020-8AI am as likely to write my post from the road delivering leather and pearl bracelets as I am from my studio. This is the central California Coast and home of a surf shop where I retail my seaglass and pearl on leather designs. I know I can blog and take photos anywhere and as I am a huge fan of street style fashion I will be adding videos as an adjunct to my observations.

Avez vous un bon jour mes amies!

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