When Investing in You is the Best Use of Your Cash

August 12, 2013 at 8:06 pm (Excellence in Business, Freedom, histoires financières, Letting go, simple frugality) (, , , , , , , , )

When working on a business plan the driving force is often “what will possible investors think?” What if you were the prospective investor? Instead of stashing your cash in a mutual fund, stocks or ETF what if you self financed your burning desire, your dream? I did exactly that. Twice.


Now first off you have to know that “early and obvious” is not just a sailing rule it is a rule for investing.


Make sure you pay yourself first from the get go. Building the habits of saving and investing are only part of your risk reward strategy. Understanding that the only real pay of your paycheck that is yours is the part you keep puts a spin on traditional thinking of more more.  Often we have to be willing to do with less now in order to reap larger rewards in the future. So let’s move ahead a few years and now you have the opportunity to spend some real time in the field of your dreams with mentors who blow your mind. Maybe this is a volunteer position or a meager wage. Maybe it is something so outside your experience and yet you have read numerous books on the subject and it is really the direction you want your life to move in? Now you might decide it is time to cash in the Facebook stock and subsidize yourself while working into your dream. Do it!…or not.

  • Don’t if you have debt. pay it off first.
  • Don’t if you are facing a large planned expense in the next six months.
  • Don’t do it if your spouse isn’t on board and you want to stay married.
  • DO it if you feel a solid excitement and you have your accounts in order.
  • DO it if you have enough to still have a 50% fall back that you won’t need (you may but let’s assume you won’t for now).
  • DO it if it will solidly add to who you are as a person.

When is investing in you your greatest resource? Only you know the answer to this one. For me whenever the expense adds to my skillset, overall depth of knowledge in a meaningful or measurable way and is still somewhat within my dream means. In eras gone by people were part of an apprentice system which ensured that knowledge and skill were imparted in a timely fashion towards being a journeyman and part of a guild. Now we get a formal education and thrust into jobs after maybe a short time as an intern. Working full time makes it difficult to get additional certifications, training and diplomas as well as often shortening the time a person has outside the office to develop themselves as a human being with diverse tastes and skills and wants.

So think about what YOU really want for your full life including how you make yo’ skrill, dolla dolla, cheese or bread.

Maybe it is time to invest in YOU


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