Life Lessons from…My Life.

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I haven’t posted any writing in a while as I have been learning the lessons in real life. I have an innate desire to go through life at a leisurely albeit productive pace. This isn’t always possible. Let me expound on this…

I am by nature an organized person, not Stephen Covey matching binder and datebook organized, but I know what I need to do and I know where my material things are to be found as could someone acting on my behalf.  I operate off of white board calenders and a Reagan Ranch desktop calender which is my dad’s. Our yard is well kept considering we have crazy free rein (more than range) hens and two fenced gardens in our backyard.  It is perhaps my mental file cabinet which needs a thorough sorting, filing and shredding.

I am the family big picture manager. It is a skill I take to naturally as well as a skill I have developed over many years running my own business as an artist as well as running a family and helping my elderly parents after they made some infamous financial faux pas. These faux pas naturally involved none other than less than optimum family members who will take everything you offer and more. Enough about them and on to my mental file cabinet which needs a thorough cleaning by Matt Paxton and Cory Chalmers Hoarders crew!

Now I can hear the productivity experts and coaches out there saying “oh but you need to write it all down so it isn’t stuck floating in your head.” That is a lovely thought but the fact is I generate ideas, concepts, solutions in my head first not in bubbles, or with stick figures or appendix lists. Those may work for you and that is awesome but this is about …ahem…me. I wake up at 4:00 am with new solutions, new questions and myriad new ways of looking at a long standing issue. No wonder I wake up after falling back asleep as if I have already put in half a day of work! Perhaps I should embrace the two shift sleeping habits of many great thinkers including my hero Benjamin Franklin? I used to split my time during the night to be able to create while my children, husband, clients slept. It worked quite well as few are available to interrupt your work at 2:00 am to 6:00 am. Others find it odd that I then sleep until 9:00 or 10:00 am and are convinced I must be an extreme layabout were it not for the many tasks, projects and creations completed.

So the lesson from my life is that I just need to re-accept my former sleep habits and know that really mind is doing what is does best at these hours…thinking.


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