Optimism Redefined

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I have been enjoying a renewed sense of self the past couple of years. This year I experienced loss in a beautiful way. This has allowed me to reflect on the nature of love and loss and impermanence. I now know that love never leaves. True love does indeed last forever whether or not you are in the physical reality of each other.

Spending time alone with my horse has brought me to a new place of appreciating alone time and the optimism which comes from self reflection. I had the opportunity to reconnect with someone I used to hold dear to my heart. We spent a couple of weeks getting to know each other again and he was ready to move forward. I realized I was ready to move on. I still love him and always wish him well but our journey together is complete…at least for now. I have learned from another never to say never.

I have found surprising joy in my choice to let this relationship go. I find joy in the everyday company of myself as I plan my journey forward and my move back to France and eventually Portugal. I wake up each day excited about getting my business in order and ready to create new art in a new country. I no longer require another person to tell me how beautiful or special I am. I know deep in my heart I am unique and special in my own way and when I am ready to share me again I will remember that fact. ❤

I look forward to a healthy love with someone as independent as I am and one who understands we cannot change others to fit our mold. I surprise myself at how often I say no when I could easily say yes. My path is my own for now.



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Today’s Word is Gratitude

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In a fast moving techno saturated world I can easily become distracted from the obvious…my health, a beautiful tree or flower and the love of my friends and families. Lest you think I live in harmony I assure I live far from a perfect existence…but then again that isn’t the point is it? The point is to be present for all of it. Less judgement more understanding and pure enjoyment.

I live in a temperate paradise next to the Big Blue Pacific. I am thankful this and everyday for the live giving ocean, the gentle winds and the warm sun on my back and the food in my organic garden. The wind and sea conspire to race me while sailing on a recent afternoon. A friend ask when is sailing season over in San Diego? I replied never. Sailing really gets fun in the winter just like surfing.  

So I am thankful for my beautiful city and the characters it holds including the guy who wasn’t looking and ran his overfull warehouse store cart into traffic and almost into my car…he clearly by his words was not having a an awesome Monday. I am grateful he was able to remind me how fortunate I am in my little corner of the world. I am grateful for my wonderful friends and co creatives at Hera Hub Mission Valley. Without whom I would not be in one of the most productive times in my life. A place to go and be in a wonderful group of supportive entrepreneurs is a gift indeed.

I share a house with my young adult son, two dogs and my elderly parents who sadly often forget their many blessings. I hope they remember to give thanks on Thursday when they dine with my brother for all his help in keeping them safe and independent at home with us. My son is a strong physical and mental presence for us all and I feel fortunate to have him there to help them as well. So you see we have a good thing  that can be awkward, crowded, tense and delightful (all in the same day often) and we have each other and that is the point.

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51 Things I have learned in Life

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51 Things I have learned in Life

  1. A smile goes a long way.
  2. Don’t poop your pants after your 2nd year it cuts down on quality sandbox time with others.
  3. Eat your veggies so you’ll grow up strong and healthy.
  4. Make friends easily you will need some.
  5. Question authority when it seems unreasonable…you know you have to pee now even if it is five minutes after recess.
  6. Respect the lesson. Listen and incorporate the information.
  7. Art teaches you how to understand many other things.
  8. Sharing resources is just plain a good idea.
  9. Don’t be afraid to be the new kid. Be yourself.
  10. Boys will like you, yeah some will be icky but appreciate them for their good taste.
  11. No you may not grow up to be a mathematician but you will use math daily, so make it your friend.
  12. External ugly is temporary, internal ugly is forever.
  13. Learn a foreign language or two even if you suck at it in the beginning.
  14. Wear clothes which reflect your personality not someone in a magazines.
  15. Befriend nerds for they shall inherit the world of cyberspace and beyond.
  16. Be nice to the hot guy because he may also be very sweet.
  17. Take responsibility for your actions and your life.
  18. Get a job you love to go to and teaches you something.
  19. Don’t be afraid to get a different job which teaches you something else and pays more even if you have to work harder.
  20. Live at the beach even for one season in your life.
  21. Go to community college if you aren’t sure what you really want to do with your life.
  22. Start a business doing something you are better at than your acquaintances.
  23. Learn to grow food.Image
  24. Learn to cook from scratch if you love Chinese food take a class.
  25. Don’t take no for an answer when yes is what you want.
  26. Continue to learn in your chosen profession.
  27. Grow a tree from seed of your favorite fruit.
  28. Find meaning in the universe that makes you a better person.Image
  29. Shop at thrift stores for clothes that look good on you and have them altered to really fit you. This small matter will make you look at though you are wearing the clothes not the other way around.
  30. Volunteer to help in your community and on projects to help others, even at work.
  31. Forgive others and most importantly yourself.
  32. Be a tourist in your own county and picnic often.
  33. Visit the elderly. Take flowers in jars from your garden to the local low income nursing or pensioners home.
  34. Take in a stray.
  35. Write hand written thank you notes.
  36. Walk your local parks and enjoy the scenery.Image
  37. Have a hobby working with your hands, it frees your mind.Image
  38. Talk to strangers when waiting in lines.
  39. Compliment people freely.
  40. Pay cash, trade or barter whenever possible.
  41. Save up and take a trip.
  42. Move to a foreign country even for a few months. It changes everything.
  43. Go back to school and learn something you always wanted to learn.
  44. Improve your outlook and commit to happiness.
  45. Appreciate all you have already.
  46. Show your love.
  47. Get to know your representatives and express your concerns.
  48. Declutter your life. Live in the present not with boxes of memories.
  49. Have a purpose.
  50. Set goals. Small ones and big ones on a timeline.
  51. Read.

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