In Other News…Two Cali Women Plan on Winter in India

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So I am planning a trip to Mumbai this winter in time for Holi day with my friends. This means cutting expenses (I have added two new ones this past month) and paring my belongings further and looking at things with a different yet inexperienced eye. I have a dear friend who lives in Mumbai and we also want to go to Goa to relax on the beaches and do some sailing. My bff is coming along and she is slaving away in her cubicle until then to raise the necessary funds.


By slaving away in a cubicle I mean working for peasant wages for the proverbial rich uncle. I am sure he is a lovely man outside the office but inside he is a man bent on success to the point he is blinded by his own folly in chastising employees and family alike. Many divides exist in this Dante’s office scenario. We will release our heroine from her chains and allow her spirit to grow as we travel to India and beyond.

I am my own master, and by that I mean I am indentured to my elderly parents as there life supervisors as it were. Meal planner, cook and asset manager. I still have my own art to create and show as well as easing my young adult son further into manhood and adult life. I will asign various tasks to various talented folks to handle things while I am gone. They will do a fine job without me of that I am sure.

The beautiful thing here is we are both single and not encumbered by that most delicious of dishes, the human male. We are both huge fans of the species but know that often we must trek alone to learn our life lessons. We are along in different age ranges. She is the age of my daughter and yet as my friend (and their’s) does not come with a family history related to mine…sometimes a good thing.

I have a zillion Skymiles and so I will go that route to India and have saved some cash over the summer (when I wasn’t busy spending it) for expenses in India. We both love to sail boats and plan on doing so there as well. We also hope to rent or buy bicycles to ride around the beach towns but will use taxis in Mumbai for safety reasons! This trip is about new perspectives, new weather, new food, new cultures and all the wonder that is foreign travel.

Any random reader stumbling across my cyber-thoughts who has experience in the travels in India would be a welcome response.



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Viva Las Vegas

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Last weekend I was flown to Las Vegas by a friend for his 50th birthday party. Now previously I have only been to Las Vegas for trade shows and a short lived wedding of a relative (we shall not discuss here).

Beautiful rooms at the Golden Nugget awaited us as we all flew in from various locals in California. My bff bought herself a ticket from Phoenix and joined me there. Can’t waste a great room on just me right? So I spent Friday whizzing down the pool slide through the shark tank and generally relaxing after the town car ride in from the airport. I have noticed that although they do not post sale signs most large hotels and resorts usually have a pretty good markdown section if you ask about it and I did. I bought a tiny silk tank in peach with beaded straps for $25 marked down from $88. A classic score I will wear often.

Around 9:00pm my friend arrived and we headed out to hit up a dance club. A short stroll through the 80’s on Fremont street and we decided to try out the Gold Diggers club in the hotel. We danced the night away with many partners and a few too many tequilas and magically made it back to the room. Lesson; don’t drink while traveling…expensive, dangerous and a hangover is not nearly as much fun as Bradley Cooper makes it out to be. We did not marry anyone, steal a cop car or find a tiger in the bathroom…thankfully since we were in need of our bathroom…often…

Saturday night was my friend’s birthday dinner and I barely made it there still not sure if I could even eat the delicious food laced before me at Del Frisco’s. Thankfully the company was so charming and the food so delicious I came out feeling 95% better. By late evening my bff had recovered sufficiently for us to tour Fremont Street, see the neon museum and gag at the mere thought of alcohol…we are amateurs for sure. Not drinkers so we don’t have the sense to know when to stop or even what to drink…So we don’t. We met up with some Aussies who were in pink boa trimmed cowboy hats and pink shirts who went on about “roasting” and I don’t think they meant a piece of beef **wink wink. I think it may have referred to a sandwich of some sort…

Come Sunday and most everyone headed home while we hopped on the bus and headed to the strip to our final night’s destination…the Motel 6 on E. Tropicana. 2.5 miles from McCarron airport we thought since we had 6:00am flights back to our towns this would be a good choice…and mostly it was.

Lunch at Hooters and we were ready to check in. Whoaoaoa whoa whoa what have they done to the rooms? Judy Jetson must have been the interior designer! The shower we renamed hot-shower-time-machine, and the flat screen TV gave the whole place a “modern” feel. Hey $45 across from the MGM and we felt pretty smug. Dropped off our backpacks and headed to the strip.  After seeing a few characters from Venice Beach transplanted to the strip we moved on through the MGM and out in the bright daylight on Sin City. We found our Holy Grail in the form of an area which housed Prada, Gucci, and Mastros as well as a Kiki, a Pucci and Louis Vuitton. Several hikes through these retailers of quality and refinement left us famished. We dined at Mastros on lobster mashed potatoes (amazing) and fresh crab gnocchi (unbelievable) and a salad of a soft Italian cheese with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil with a basalmic reduction and olive oil. A stroll back and we were ready for the icy swimming pool.

Bff’s flight left on time but, mine did not. Three times mine did not due to fog here in Sunny Diego. The upside is I sat next to the most handsome man on the plane. A very good end to a delightful fun weekend.

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