Fuzzygram App on my Crapberry phone.

November 16, 2012 at 8:39 pm (Art, Letting go, Travel) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Yeah that’s right the lastest and greatest app for photos is Fuzzygram and it comes free with every CrapBerry phone sold…er em… Blackberry.

I give as examples

C'est moi

Example of the picture quality of the CrapBerry phone in Fuzzygram app


I took both of these photos using the new “Fuzzygram” app from CrapBerry er Blackberry. This app is installed as …well your only photo option. Are you always impressed with the quality of photos your ICult phone owning friends have? Well no worries here…you’ll get none of that pesky crisp quality they get when snapping off the cuff moments in there totally I-awesome lives. In fact with the Fuzzygram app your middle age friends will be amazed at the cheesecloth lens like obscuring of wrinkles, lines, features and more!  The one photo is the garden behind the Whaley house in Old Town. I’m sitting under the hanging staging area back when San Diego was a young and soon to be metropolis.

The other Fuzzygram is me inside my friend’s pool house studio. I was overseeing it’s minor remodel and wanted to show him I was hard at work…as if. Again you will notice that I belay my years in terms of soft edges and fuzzy complexion.  So maybe for portraits minus any recognition detail will make us all look good this winter in photos with loved ones and Facebook profiles.

I’d stay and chat some more but my green tea is nearly gone and it is time to get to the dock to get out sailing on this beautiful day.


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