Valuing Time is as Important as Valuing Money for Your Overall Financial Long Term Health.

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I constructively fritter my time away…what er uh that doesn’t make sense. Well it does when we break it down. We all fritter the time away. Some watching television, others getting or staying  intoxicated, gambling, crafting without purpose other than to numb the pain and free the mind of the days chores and tribulations. There are more including the ever popular eating and shopping. Eat to live not as entertainment. Napping more than needed falls in the same chasm. I try to plan my downtime to maximize what I need at that moment.

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I try to use my down time learning new information, skills or ways to thrive. What seems like leisure time squirreled away reading articles and books is actually me working. Playing and watching polo? You got it, me working yet again. I look for trends emerging and changes in societal norms as cues to my jewelry creation. Jewelry is a signifier. it tells us a variety of things about the wearer. Some conspicuous such as a cross or  heart and some not so obvious.

The importance of valuing your time leads us right to priorities. I have had people remark at how efficiently I will perform some task without needing to make changes, fix mistakes etc…I reply I don’t have time to do things a second time so it is important I do it right the first time. As a jeweler mistakes can be very costly so you learn that lesson early.

Doing unpleasant tasks first frees you in more ways than one way. Handling your bills allows less seepage from your budget. Pay yourself first in money and time. Plan open time like you would a budget. I think of certain people as paying dividends on my time. They add value and I am always excited to see them… and there are certain people should be treated like payday loans…avoid avoid avoid.  These folks spend your time like you had an endless supply. They are often feeding on the attention and have no intention of making all the changes in their lives they purport to offer while whining about the unfairness of it all. Now before you hit me with a guillotine keep in mind that those who truly need rarely complain, but have an attitude of gratitude for the good that is…

IMG-20120830-00598This is me using my time for meaningful experiences which enrich my life from all angles. Sailing is a green sport using wind and water and wits to propel versus fossil fuels. I am a certified skipper through ASA but do not own a sailboat. That is a conscious choice on my part. I spend my time learning and enjoying the sport without being tethered to a lot of ongoing expenses. many people in a rush to enjoy sailing spend their money on the boat instead of the lessons and certification programs. Knowing how to do something is often far more valuable than ownership.


Playing Polo is another example of this theory. I invest my time in lessons and have found a level of enjoyment I could never have imagined. By setting aside time to play polo and watch polo each Sunday has allowed me relaxed time in which my subconscious mind is able to formulate problems in my everyday life. I don’t have to try to do this it is a side effect of the intense involvement while playing. A fast moving horse, aggressive players, and a ball underfoot tend to prevent one from thinking about anything but the game at hand. The physical and mental workout I experience has given me new perspectives on old problems. So being able to access long term problem solving saves me money by long range planning and incorporates proactive budgeting and financing instead of reactive spending to plug a hole now.

…and that is why I value my time at least as much as my money.


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Today’s Word is Gratitude

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In a fast moving techno saturated world I can easily become distracted from the obvious…my health, a beautiful tree or flower and the love of my friends and families. Lest you think I live in harmony I assure I live far from a perfect existence…but then again that isn’t the point is it? The point is to be present for all of it. Less judgement more understanding and pure enjoyment.

I live in a temperate paradise next to the Big Blue Pacific. I am thankful this and everyday for the live giving ocean, the gentle winds and the warm sun on my back and the food in my organic garden. The wind and sea conspire to race me while sailing on a recent afternoon. A friend ask when is sailing season over in San Diego? I replied never. Sailing really gets fun in the winter just like surfing.  

So I am thankful for my beautiful city and the characters it holds including the guy who wasn’t looking and ran his overfull warehouse store cart into traffic and almost into my car…he clearly by his words was not having a an awesome Monday. I am grateful he was able to remind me how fortunate I am in my little corner of the world. I am grateful for my wonderful friends and co creatives at Hera Hub Mission Valley. Without whom I would not be in one of the most productive times in my life. A place to go and be in a wonderful group of supportive entrepreneurs is a gift indeed.

I share a house with my young adult son, two dogs and my elderly parents who sadly often forget their many blessings. I hope they remember to give thanks on Thursday when they dine with my brother for all his help in keeping them safe and independent at home with us. My son is a strong physical and mental presence for us all and I feel fortunate to have him there to help them as well. So you see we have a good thing  that can be awkward, crowded, tense and delightful (all in the same day often) and we have each other and that is the point.

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In Other News…Two Cali Women Plan on Winter in India

November 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm (Letting go, Relationships, Sailing, simple frugality, Travel) (, , , , , , , , )

So I am planning a trip to Mumbai this winter in time for Holi day with my friends. This means cutting expenses (I have added two new ones this past month) and paring my belongings further and looking at things with a different yet inexperienced eye. I have a dear friend who lives in Mumbai and we also want to go to Goa to relax on the beaches and do some sailing. My bff is coming along and she is slaving away in her cubicle until then to raise the necessary funds.


By slaving away in a cubicle I mean working for peasant wages for the proverbial rich uncle. I am sure he is a lovely man outside the office but inside he is a man bent on success to the point he is blinded by his own folly in chastising employees and family alike. Many divides exist in this Dante’s office scenario. We will release our heroine from her chains and allow her spirit to grow as we travel to India and beyond.

I am my own master, and by that I mean I am indentured to my elderly parents as there life supervisors as it were. Meal planner, cook and asset manager. I still have my own art to create and show as well as easing my young adult son further into manhood and adult life. I will asign various tasks to various talented folks to handle things while I am gone. They will do a fine job without me of that I am sure.

The beautiful thing here is we are both single and not encumbered by that most delicious of dishes, the human male. We are both huge fans of the species but know that often we must trek alone to learn our life lessons. We are along in different age ranges. She is the age of my daughter and yet as my friend (and their’s) does not come with a family history related to mine…sometimes a good thing.

I have a zillion Skymiles and so I will go that route to India and have saved some cash over the summer (when I wasn’t busy spending it) for expenses in India. We both love to sail boats and plan on doing so there as well. We also hope to rent or buy bicycles to ride around the beach towns but will use taxis in Mumbai for safety reasons! This trip is about new perspectives, new weather, new food, new cultures and all the wonder that is foreign travel.

Any random reader stumbling across my cyber-thoughts who has experience in the travels in India would be a welcome response.


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Another Reason to Clear the Clutter

May 28, 2012 at 10:48 pm (Letting go, LoVe, Sailing, simple frugality) (, , , , )

So as I window er marina shop for a sailboat I am understanding why I have come so far in downscaling my possessions. I need to be able to organize and pack for bareboating efficiently and easily. I also know that the boat will come with many surprise expenses and must be careful not to get caught up in the latest gadgets for my boat!

So today instead of hitting the beach or sailing I am gleaning through my possessions for an upcoming Craigslist and Ebay session. The proceeds to go into my sailing certification fund.

I know this will sound funny to some people reading this but, the fact is the less I own and the more I consider what I own the easier it is to be generous, spontaneous and understanding of the challenges of the many who have so much less than I do. I have a roof, food (with the chubby rolls to prove it) transportation, an education and my health. I wake up each day to these and know that the challenges I face each day are unlikely to be in these categories. I eat simply and mindfully for health and energy and pay attention to the messages my body has for me such as get more sleep, or be mindful of eating only when hungry and to keep fit.

Sailing has a profound way of keeping you in the moment every moment. Thinking about something else is hazardous when sailing and subtracts from the pure enjoyment that is sailing which should be revered.

So I leave you with this thought…what would you take up if you had the money and the time? Maybe you can already if you move towards that goal instead of waiting for some ethereal tomorrow where all your bills are paid and you have plenty of time. Today is the day to start living the life you dream of…

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