Video Master Group Made up of Women Who are Anything but Masters of Vid.

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Recently I have been working on getting my long overdue website ready for launch as a direct retailer of my art. Currently my art is available wholesale and through retailers.

Having spent the past few years working predominantly on additional skill sets including cabbing, carving, drilling and faceting gemstones I have not expanded my presence beyond a handful of retailers. This is about to change as i now have an inventory of cut stones, as well as jewelry made from recycled metals, gems and naturally occurring seaglass. The beautiful broken glass dumped into our oceans and tumbled into soft edges and washed up on distant shores. Trash into treasure.

Seaglass and Abalone Hemp 003As part of my website I want to incorporate videos of myself ranting on about the importance of shifting our consumer lifestyles to be more eco friendly and sustainable all while enjoying ourselves in the moment. So far my personal videos are pretty lame.

This video was made on the fly by Media Pro who happened to be in the building and shot this at the last second for me when I gave an impromptu talk about part of my story to some fashion students from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

As you see I was not made up and my hair looks like it just rolled out of bed. So some of the entrepreneurs at Hera Hub have joined forces and started a private group called Video Masters on Facebook for the express purpose of posting anything and everything in video.

Here is a typical “did it myself” video for your enjoyment er rather amusement. or not as word press won’t allow me to upload the short clip : (


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Art is Love Personified

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I know that is a big statement…but think about it for a minute. Art is the culmination of an artist’s lifework in the form of an expression of love for all things. Even the difficulties in an artist’s life become an important part of the work. The pain the broken heart, the joy, the growth, the disappointments all live in our work. If they don’t then it probably isn’t art but craft.

The greatest of greats have had difficult lives and at the very least challenges that would have broken people of lesser commitment to their love of their art and the driving need to communicate. people used to feel sorry for me marrying and having my first child at 17. Would I recommend this path to anyone? Never. Did it work to make me who I am today? Without a doubt many of my skills at hustle and knowing failure is not an option are directly related to knowing I had to be successful to provide for growing family. I had a loving husband who was a true partner for most of our marriage but I had bigger dreams and more courage than he had and I wasn’t about to live the life he would have settled for if he were the sole breadwinner. I put all of my sorrow, my yearnings and my love into my jewelry at every stage of my career.  I think the pure heart and soul I put into my work is what drove me to continue on as it was an outlet for all my goals, frustrations and desires as well as my expression of beauty for its own sake.

IMG_8326These earrings are rubellite and green tourmalines with citrine briolettes in 14k gold. I choose the tourmalines as these remind me of hot pink snapdragons on their green stalks and the citrines are droplets of rainwater. They make me smile and I have recreated them several times and in other color combinations reminiscent of flower colors. Hot pink rhodolite garnets with deep purple amethysts are pansies and peridot green with lemon citrines are fresh scented daffodils in early Spring.

These aquamarines remind me of a fresh spring bubbling up on the desert floor or a cloudless day in winter. The sweet delicate color allows the wearer to enjoy them with many looks and moods.
Aquamarines in 14k gold
So nothing I make is an accident or without deeper thought. Often it takes me longer to create a new line of jewels because I do reflect long before actually sitting down to the bench to create. The stone I am cutting today may end up in a piece next week or next year or be sold as a finished gemstone to another jeweler. I do what I do because I love the process and the message. Jewelry is a way for me to convey my message of sustainability and local manufacture by giving the consumer a place to begin their own conversation about their own meaning…


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Every Picture Tells a Story Don’t It?!

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women's opportunity week 85 001





Mermaid of Marseille




jewelry plugs

© Michael J Walters 2009



jade necklace

548705_568211259871294_1058977763_n (2)

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Excellence in Business is Never an Accident.

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Yesterday I picked up my beloved Acura from her brake servicing, oil change and detailing. Now my sweet ride has 108,000 miles on her and I bought her as a fresh baby car from Kearny Mesa Acura back in 2005. I have always kept her reasonably clean and washed but had decided that after the 100,000 mile mark I would splurge and pay for a full detail from the awesome staff at Kearny Mesa Acura. Now keep in mind that I have never allowed anyone else to so much as change oil or rotate a tire. Is this because I have lost my mind and like to pay more you ask? Or is it because the level of customer service is so five star***** on point I cannot even conceive going anywhere else! Always helpful, courteous, and detail oriented it feels like swinging by a friend’s place when I take my car in for service.

Yesterday when I saw the amazing detail job including removing a small dent in my bumper I was blown away at how beautiful my reliable, speedy chariot still is after these past 8 years. She was shiny and sparkling clean and the carpets no longer had mystery stains and dog hair woven in to the nap. Thank you Mike Fentress for the always impeccable service and the cool loaner car.

13 years of 5 Star Service for my Acuras

Tonight I will head over to Spa Eco Chateau in Mission Valley to enjoy the far infrared sauna to sweat away my troubles and refresh my mind body and spirit. I use my time in the sauna to meditate and do simple yoga poses. I find the time goes so quickly. The sauna has helped me in my detox program as part of a healthy diet, exercise and wellness plan. Christine the owner is always positive and upbeat and working to improve her amazing customer service and add more options to the growing menu of massages, facials, chanel 2, ionic and infrared treatments as well as Classes on topics including reiki and healthy eating. This chic little spa located on a green hillside in an open area office complex is reminiscent of spas in Paris where you are literally in a converted apartment complete with chic little lamps, Louis Quatorze chairs and a living plant wall in the reception area.

Spa Eco Chateau is part of my wellness team

Last but never least is my shared office space at Hera Hub. Founded by the indefatigable Felena Hansen Hera Hub is the new definition for entrepreneurial women’s networking concept. Shared office space for women where the designs, accents, furniture and events are geared for women rather than the more typical model of the shared office space. Felena has thought of everything including a full calendar of events, courses and meet ups all put on by members and often sponsored by Hera Hub. This is the office I always dreamed of and a whole lot more!

Hera Hub the spa inspired co working space for women entrepreneurs.

So there you have it! In a world in which I fear mediocrity is more than many strive for, there are shining beacons of top notch business systems with customer service that is rivaled by none and always exceeding client expectations. I have hope for the world ❤

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Idiocracy and the Decline of Western Civilization

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Yesterday I had one of those days that made me feel as if I were in the deleted scenes of the movie Idiocracy.

So now that you have had a taste let me enlighten you regarding my day…

It all began when I was showing an apartment for a friend and had brought along my 100 lb Olde English Bull Dogge Munchie.

Munchie waited quietly in the shade of the tree next to where I was parked. I said goodbye to the nice people and the truck would not start. Hmmm had this problem a couple of times before possibly the starter. A well meaning aquaintance had just texted me wanting to know what I was up to today? I told her my woes and she immediately text back she would come get me and Munchie. I text her the exact address and short concise directions.

Another text a bit later and she announced she was almost here! I thought hey this is good Munchie we can go home and come back later and try it again with my son. She next text that I was not where I said I would be and she was driving all over looking for me. I sent another short message after attempting to phone her but no answer, and let her know where she went wrong and the simplest way to where I was from where she was. I should probably interject here I grew up in this area and am very familiar with the streets. More time goes by and again I try to call her and she does not pick up. She texts me again that now she has to go pick up her son and has no more time to waste gas looking for me. I have not moved from the truck with a patient but dehydrated Munchie.

Please watch another clip so you are truly on the page in the moment with me. So I begin calling my brother who is my alternate care person for our elderly parents. No answer there either. I text please call. No response. I call again…no answer and it is almost noon.

One more text from the “helpful acquaintance” telling me I need to come to her (walk 4 blocks and then cross the 6 lanes of 5o mph traffic to get to where she is where there is no light or crosswalk) I declined. I called my auto insurance for a tow truck.  She then angrily text me “your welcome for coming to get you!” I didn’t know whether I was more concerned about her misplaced anger or her inability to find us( using the very simple turn right here and then right again on the first street directions I gave), or her blatant misuse of the word your for you’re?

Now an hour later and the tow truck driver arrives. Munchie is still patiently waiting in the rear seat of the truck after getting some hose water while I explain to the driver I think we can jump the truck since this is an intermittent issue. Munchie is not growling, barking or otherwise making his presence known. he is being a model canine. Before the driver even attempts to try to start the truck he tells me that in no uncertain terms Munchie cannot ride in the tow truck with us. I said we probably won’t be towing and besides how will he get the two miles home? He says “I dunno but no dogs are ever ‘llowed in the tow truck.” I said well Icould certainly understand if one was growling or barking or gave you reason to pause but that clearly is not our situation here. He reiterates “NO DOGS EVER” to which I respond “what about service dogs?” You have to allow them and he says nope.

Thankfully we get the truck started and Munchie and I speed away from the idiocracy of the moment…only to be confronted by it again. I am told that I should not assume high school graduates know how to read or posses a modicum of reading comprehension and I should be more compassionate with the stupid…my bad.

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